Lexington Roofers

There are a number of Lexington roofers and it can be hard for anyone looking to hire a roofing contractor to identify one that is qualified and reliable. The roof is a very important feature to any house therefore, it is vital for anyone in Lexington Kentucky to hire no one else but the best Lexington roofer.

Shield Roofing and Restoration ranks as the best Lexington roofer because we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best roofing services no matter what their budget allows. Lexington Roofers

What makes Shield Roofing and Restoration the best Lexington roofer?

  • We offer all our potential clients a free inspection and cost estimation. Most people would never see or identify any damages on their roof but a Shield Roofing and Restoration roofing expert can give you a full detailed analysis of your roof and an estimation of the cost of repairs needed.
  • We have decades of experience in roofing with many references and positive reviews from satisfied clients!
  • Shield Roofing and Restoration is one of the few Lexington roofers that provides 24-hour emergency service. We are committed to providing you with roofing services no matter the time of the day or night.
  • Insurance claims – Shield Roofing and Restoration can assist you with your insurance claims in case your roof is damaged by a hail damage, windstorm, or any other disaster that is covered by the home owner’s insurance policy.
  • All of our roofing services are the definition of quality workmanship at its best.

Shield Roofing and Restoration offers the following roofing services:

  1. Residential Roofing – Shield roofing & construction offer the following roofing services for your home:
  2. Roof Repairs – we as a Lexington roofer are able to identify and fix all damages to your roof and guarantee zero water damage once the repairs are made.
  3. Roof Replacement – at Shield roofing & construction we advise all our clients whose roof has damage of over 30{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} to completely replace the roof. We guarantee to provide you with a well-built roof for the best affordable price.
  4. Gutters – are a simple and inexpensive way to protect your roof. Our expert roofers at Shield roofing & construction are skilled to ensure they install a beautiful and efficient gutter system that increases the durability of your roof.
  5. Siding – we provide installation for vinyl and aluminum siding which is an easy way to make the exterior of your home beautiful, energy efficient and maintenance free.
  6. Commercial Roofing – Shield roofing & construction have a team of highly experienced and certified for roof installation and repair on all types of commercial roofing projects.

Because of our many years as Lexington roofer, Shield roofing & construction roofing expert are able to advise all our clients on which types of roofs they should install in their new home or which types of roof repairs will last for longer hence saving you money!