Many people think commercial roofing is the same as residential roofing, or “similar enough”.  That’s not true though.  They are actually two completely different industries. From the systems available to their methods of installation, commercial and residential roofing are spectrums apart.

When choosing commercial roofing and a commercial roofing contractor, the more you know, the better choices you can make.


It would be a natural assumption to think that the roofing contractor who did such a fine job installing or repairing the roof on your home would ace the work on the roof of your business too.  Unless he specializes in both, commercial and residential, that’s probably not going to be the case.

Here are some ways the two differ.


The problems commercial roofs face can be quite different from those of residential roofs.  That means they require different handling when solving those issues.

Commercial roofs often encounter:

1. Poor quality or no quality installation. Nothing else matters if the roof isn’t correctly installed.  Even if the roofing is made of the best, most expensive material on the market, a slew of problems are sure to follow if the construction isn’t done right.

2. Waterflow woes. Standing water is a common culprit of an industrial roof.  The water buildup will begin to pool causing damage and deterioration

3. Damage of drains. Debris, leaves, and gravel can easily clog drainage from the roof.  Water will drain slower or not at all.  This is the number one reason behind roof water damage.

4. Flashing flaws. Flashing is protection from the elements.  It helps keep water detoured from pipes and also extends out to keep protruding objects, like tree limbs, from penetrating the roof.  If it rips, the roof’s seams and joints become vulnerable to leakage.

5. Like flashing, pitch pockets add a protective layer to the roof.  They keep water and debris out of the pipes.  In the event that they come dislodged, water will be allowed to trickle, or even pour, into the pipelines, causing leaks and wreaking havoc.


There’s more to the installation and repairs of a commercial roof than you may be aware of.  Below are some specific information you’ll want to become familiar with.


The construction of a commercial roof typically a flat or low sloped roof.  It is also generally much larger than the roof on a house.  Designing, maintaining, repairing and replacing a residential roof tends to be less involved and less expensive.


Installation is one of the main differences between commercial and residential roofs.  The length of time it takes to install the roof on a house is usually a day or two while a commercial roof can take a month or more.  The size of an industrial roof is generally much larger which involves extra time and labor.  In addition, the complexity of installing a commercial roof is more involved.


    Commercial roofs undergo stringent inspections for building codes and insurance coverage purposes.  Hiring an expert commercial roofer will help prevent the hassle and expense of not passing your inspection.


    Unless they are aged or defective, leaky residential roofs generally just require a quick fix, like patching.  A problematic commercial roof, however, may need a new application of coating, a replacement or repair of flashings or pitch pockets, or may need to be replaced entirely.


    When deciding on a commercial roofing contractor that is qualified to meet your needs, it’s good to consider those who offer a wide spectrum of services. You don’t want to hire one roofing company to install your roof and have to hunt for another to perform a gutter repair.

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    Some of the many commercial roofing services we offer are:

    • New roof installation of all types of roofs including flat, metal, and slate
    • Repairs on all types of roofs including flat, metal, and slate
    • Gutter maintenance and repairs
    • Complete reroofing
    • Roofing leak repairs

    Commercial roofing is our expertise.  We have extensive knowledge and years of experience in the industry.  No job is too large or too complicated for us to handle.

    Types and material of roofs we work with include:

    • Sprayed foam (polyurethane)
    • Restorative coatings
    • Single ply of modified bitumen such as PVC, EPDM, and TPO
    • Concrete
    • Gravel and tar
    • Built-up
    • Tons more


    If you are looking for a commercial roofing company who can get the job done right without any hitches, turn to a name you can trust.  At Peterson Roofing, we go out of our way to make sure you are well-informed and comfortable with the work to be performed.  We conduct our business with transparency.  You’ll find our ethics are second to none.

    Putting a roof over your business is our business.  Whether it’s repair or a new roof installation, we’ve got you covered.  Let our skilled, professional team do what we do best – taking care of all your commercial roofing needs. Contact us if you have a commercial roofing project you need to address.


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