Siding is a material that is attached to the outside of your home to protect it.  That becomes a real problem when your siding gets damaged.  Heavy winds, hail and other storms can compromise the integrity of your siding, leaving the rest of your house vulnerable to damage as well.

Many people think commercial roofing is the same as residential roofing, or “similar enough”.  That’s not true though.  They are actually two completely different industries. From the systems available to their methods of installation, commercial and residential roofing are spectrums apart.

When choosing commercial roofing and a commercial roofing contractor, the more you know, the better choices you can make.


Siding is constructed to be sturdy and to an extent, weatherproof as well.  Sometimes though, it is not match for Mother Nature.  Here are some things that can damage your siding:

  • Hail
  • High winds
  • Objects that fall on it or blow into it
  • Age
  • Severe weather (ice, snow, excessive heat) over a long period of time
  • Poor quality of materials
  • Improper installation
  • Insects/Pests activitys
  • Lack of maintainence


When storms rage against the siding of your home, a number of problems can occur.  The damage may be aesthetic or structural…or both.  Some issues that can result are:

  • Pings and dents
  • Cracking
  • Chipping
  • Chunks taken out
  • Splitting
  • Discoloration
  • Breakage of material
  • Molding
  • Rotting
  • Material totally blowing or breaking off


When your siding is damaged, especially for an extended period of time, other areas of your home can suffer.  Some damage that can result from your siding being compromised are:

      • Water can leak into your home causing water stains, drywall rot and peeling of paint.
      • Your home can flood when water can seep through damaged siding.
      • Insulation can be damaged due to wind or water coming through.
      • Your foundation can suffer from water leaking on it.
      • The electrical wiring and the electrical outlets can be at a real risk.
      • Your flooring such as carpet, tile or wood can get wet or moldy.
      • The structure of your home can be weakened. 


There are many types of siding materials that are used to protect a house.  Vinyl, wood and aluminum are among the most popular.  Siding also comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. 

The type of repair you will need for the damaged incurred will greatly depend on what type of siding you have. If you have aluminum, you may have dents that cannot be ironed out.  In that case, you may only have two choices, to live with the eye-sore or replace the siding.  Large chunking in wood siding usually leaves the same choice. 

While some damage can be patched in a sense, matching the exact color and texture often poses a problem.  It is not unusual for the siding company who did the original work to no longer be around or for the exact siding material to be discontinued and therefore, very difficult to match.  Even when siding can be matched, chances are good the siding that has been on your home will have faded and weathered.  Sometimes, it is best to replace an entire section and sometimes even the entire home.

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If you have been through a storm and you have siding, there is a good chance it suffered damage.  Some damage cannot be detected by just looking at the surface.  You need a trained professional to access it like the experts at Peterson Roofing Restoration & Roofing.  We will inspect every inch of your siding and in the event there is storm damage to it, we will work with you to get it repaired or replaced.  If there is damage, we will also look into all the other areas of your home that may have suffered damage due to your siding damage.  You certainly do not want to find out years later that those things were overlooked.


The good news is that if you have insurance on your home and you do have siding damage, it is almost always covered.  The bad news is that siding and insurance claims can be tricky.  It is important to check your individual policy to find out the details of what is and isn’t covered.  Often, there is a fine line between only repairs being covered or the allowance of a complete replacement.  You will also want to take your deductible into consideration.  That is when it’s imperative to have an expert on your side, one who knows the ropes.

We have extensive knowledge in siding and in insurance coverage concerning siding damage. We know about the hidden clauses and all that insurance claims entail.  Many of them allow for complete replacement when only one area of siding is damaged.

In the event that only a partial repair is needed or if that is all your insurance will cover, we are well seasoned at matching siding.  We will make sure the work is done well and that the outcome looks great.

Since we also do a wide array of other storm damage services such as roofs, windows and gutters, we can be your “one-stop shop”.  We can file one claim for all which makes the process much more convenient for both you and your insurance company. 

We understand insurance policy language and will explain it to you. We have dealt with insurance companies for many years.  Furthermore, we will work hand-in-hand you’re your homeowners or business owners insurance.  We’ll even file the claim for you.


    It’s no secret that there are fly-by-night siding companies that show up after a storm to take advantage of home and business owners.  We are a local company who has had roots in the Lexington and Central Kentucky area for decades.  We maintain an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau (A+).  We are also certified with the Kentucky Roofing Contractors Association.  We have tons of local references and work with commercial and residential clients.  Furthermore, we are fully insured and our work and products are guaranteed. 

    Our courteous staff and professional team of siding experts are standing by to help you.  Give us a call today for a free assessment.  In the event you do need repairs or replacement, we’ll give you a free quote as well.  Time is not on your side…but we are!


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