Roofing Lexington

Shield Roofing and Restoration offers a variety of roofing services and solutions in Lexington Kentucky, both for commercial and residential roofing. We are committed to meeting and exceeding any customer expectation by providing high-quality roofing services that are tailored to meet the individual customer needs. Thanks to our highly trained and qualified staff, we guarantee that our roofing project will be as seamless as possible.

Roofing Repairs:

It is important for you to fix all the roofing problems as soon as you identify any of the following problems call shield roofing & construction for a roof expert inspection:

  • Water spots on the ceiling
  • Missing or damaged shingles.
  • Interior leaks along walls.
  • Loosely attached or rust or bent or missing parts of the gutter.
  • Damaged or clogged vents.
  • Loose, leaning or missing flashing.

Identifying the leak on the roof can be a difficult process because the actual leak spot does not always correspond with where the water strain or water damage appears in the interior ceiling or wall of the home.

It is important to have a roof expert inspect any visible outdoor roof damage before the water damage occurs.

We at Shield Roofing and Restoration offer a free inspection – all you have to do is fill the inspection form on our website and a roofing expert will get to your house in a timely manner.

Roofing Lexington 


Roof Inspection Procedures:

  • The roofing expert starts by performing a keen outdoor inspection – starts by visually inspecting and recording any damage to the roof, ventilation pipes, gutters, chimney, roof flashing and fencing. All these parts play a role in preventing any water damage and will all be analyzed to ensure they are fully functional.
  • Indoor Inspection – Our roof expert will then proceed to conduct a full indoor evaluation. During this process, the expert will list and mark all visible water damage spots including any gray, brown or yellow moisture marks and any peeling paint on the ceiling or the wall that are usually an indication water damage.
  • Analyses of the roof damage – at this point the roof expert will provide you with a recommendation on how to fix the roof damage and water damage in the house.

AtShield Roofing and Restoration, we will provide you with a free inspection and a detailed breakdown of the cost of both the repair material and labor needed to complete the job.

Note:  roofing experts at Shield Roofing and Restoration recommend that if the damages are on more than 30{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} of the roof, it would be cheaper in the long term to make arrangements for a completely new roof to be installed. There are many times when a full roof replacement is covered by your homeowner’s policy. Our in-house insurance adjusters will be able to best advise how to proceed with any potential claims.

Are all the experts trained and certified?

Shield Roofing and Restoration is a certified GAF master elite contractor – meaning that all our roofing experts are highly trained and certified to professionally install GAF roofing systems. Since we are GAF factory installation certified we are able to offer all our customers exclusive warranty options.