Top Benefits of Adding a Skylight to your Home

Adding a Skylight

If you’re looking for a simple way to add extra style, energy efficiency, and natural light to your home, as well as increase your vitamin D levels, consider getting a skylight, or even multiple skylights, installed.

Natural Lighting
Most people are looking for homes that receive a lot of natural light, and installing a skylight is the simplest way to increase the amount of natural light in your home. As opposed to windows, which sometimes create glare and uneven lighting patterns, a skylight balances the amount of light in a room, creating a more open, safe space and bringing out the natural colors of the room. Daylight provides better aesthetics, better space definition, and highlights architectural details in your house.

Health Benefits
Sunlight is one of the primary ways in which our bodies produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential supplement that helps regulate mood and energy levels, and without adequate levels of it, people can become depressed and lethargic. Plus, insufficient natural lighting can cause eye fatigue and headaches and can even have a negative effect on our immune systems. Finally, sunlight has been proven to help lower blood pressure, leading to reduced stress and other health benefits.

Energy Efficiency
Natural sunlight from skylight installation is a great way to cut down on the need for electric lighting and reduce emissions. Using the sun as a source of light not only reduces energy costs and consumption, but it also reduces the need for unsustainable electric power that is a contributor to climate change. Solar energy is an unlimited resource, and it does not produce harmful emissions or require transportation to pipelines like electric energy does. Homeowners who get a skylight installed also see a reduction in electricity costs of up to 10 percent, as well as lower heating bills.

With homes being built closer and closer to one another, the need for privacy is something that is important for homeowners. Luckily, skylights are a great way to receive natural light into your home without sacrificing any privacy. This is why skylights are an especially popular choice in bathrooms, a place where privacy and light are equally important.