Residential Roofing Companies in Lexington KY

There are a number of Residential Roofing Companies in Lexington KY. In this post will help you to identify how to choose a roofing company for your residential home roofing project. Since most residential roofing companies offer similar services, the most common notable difference is usually in the quality of work. It is important to go for professional roofing experts to get high-quality roofing services for a good price.

Residential Roofing Companies in Lexington KY

Before hiring a residential roofing company there a few details you must ask the contractor. This will ensure you get to hire the best roofing company to provide you with a durable, long-lasting roof. This aspect saves you money in the long run and helps avoid costly repairs on leaks and poor craftsmanship.

The questions include:

  1. What are the company name and their physical address? It is important to note that a trustworthy roofing company with have a physical address and not just a post office box. Eliminate all roofing companies without a physical address. Give local roofing companies a priority and avoid fly by night contractors preying on storm damage victims.
  2. How long has the company been in business? It is important to get an experienced roofing company.  You want to choose a company that has completed a roofing project with-in your local area, whether it is central Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky or the Bluegrass Region. This experience will ensure you get invaluable advice what type of roof is more durable as per the weather conditions. Out of area contractors aren’t as familiar with the ins and outs of a roofing project in Central KY and may provide subpar advice and work.
  • Ask if the company has insurance? Residential roofing companies are required to have workman’s’ compensation and liability insurance to protect you as the homeowner in case of an accident. When choosing a roofing company, be sure you pick one that can provide proof of workman’s’ compensation insurance.
  1. Ask for the roofing companies homeowner references, if they have any. If a roofing company has some local residential homes, you can visit the sites to see roofing company’s previous work. If they don’t have any previous local roofing experience I’m not sure I’d want my home to be their ginny pig.

Roofing related questions:

  1. Ask, whether they residential roofing contractor will be removing your old roof? Any experienced roofing contractor always will always remove the old roof before installing a new one. Shingling over the old roof maybe be cheaper, but the cost of the regular repairs over time will prove to be far more expensive.
  2. Inquire whether the roofing company will install metal edge or drip to minimize the occurrence of water damage. Also, inquire about a part of your old roof can be re-used to minimize the cost.
  3. Ask, for a price breakdown for both material and labor.
  4. Does the company offer any warranty for the roofing services? It is important for you to know that there are two types of separate warranties: the manufacturer covers the material and the roofing company covers the work. Be certain the roofing company explains the duration of each warranty.


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