Nicholasville is a city found in Jessamine County, Kentucky. The city found in the United States has a population of 28,015 according to the national census carried out in the United States in 2010. From the national census, Nicholasville was ranked the 11th in Kentucky State in terms of settlement. Nicholasville covers a total of 13.1 sq mi. The land covers 13.0 sq mi of the total land while water covers 0.07 sq mi of the total land.

Government and Administration

Nicholasville is a city commission type of government and Mayor is the head of city. The city commission type of government consists of a mayor and four elected commissioners. The mayor has four year term of service whose main services are administering oaths, signing documents on the city’s behalf and conducting commission meetings. The four commissioners each has a two year term of service whose main service is managing specific city departments. They also draft and pass laws and have power in executive, administrative and legislative departments.

About Nicholasville

The town was found in 1798 and was named after Colonel George Nicholas. This was an honor to him as he was the father of Kentucky’s constitution. Nicholasville currently functions as a shopping centre and employment centre for central Kentucky residents. The city also serves as a residential area for commuters from Lexington.

Nicholasville city is the home to an annual festival which showcases best of Kentucky’s wine and vines. The festival gives a platform to winemakers and owners to vineyards to showcase their products to people from across Kentucky State. Over the last years (1970 and 2010) Nicholasville has had a rapid population growth of 380{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800}. This has seen development of infrastructure such as highways so as to cope with the transportation needs.

The population has a mixed racial makeup. The highest racial makeup is the white who make up a total of 91.5{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800}. They are followed by the African Americans, native Americans, Asians and finally the Pacific Islanders. The highest age bracket is between 25 and 44 who are 30.7{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} of the total population. They are followed by age bracket under the age of 18, who are 27.9{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} of total population, from 45 to 64, who are 22.8{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} of total population and finally 9.8{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} of total population who are over the age of 65 respectively.


The city experiences cool winters and hot and humid summers. Nicholasville has four distinct seasons that we can characterize as; moderate temperatures at night during summer, cool plateau breezes, timely periods of rain and snow and no severe weather.


Nicholasville uses elementary school as a type of education style. The elementary school consists of county middle school as well as high schools. The total number of schools is 14 which include two high schools in Jessamine, two middle schools as well as six elementary schools.


Nicholasville transportation consists of major highways and also state routes. However, the highways include; US route 27 and Business US 27. The state routes include Kentucky Route 29, Kentucky Route 39, Kentucky Route 169, Kentucky Route 1980 and Kentucky Route 3375.