Frankfort is a city in Franklin County, Kentucky. The population of the city according to 2010 census is more than 25,000. The city covers a total area of Frankfort City is 14.6 sq mi with the land covering 14.3 sq mi of the total area and water covering 0.3 sq mi of the total area. The city has an elevation of 509 ft.

About Frankfort

American Indians actually attacked European American pioneers in 1780. One of the pioneers Stephen Frank was killed during the attack and so the ford where the pioneers were making salt was named Frank’s Ford. Later on the name was changed to Frankfort. The city is currently home to some major distilleries because of the famous Buffalo Trace Distillery.

City is in the inner Bluegrass Region along Kentucky River and is the fourth-smallest state capital in Central Kentucky. According to the 2010 US census, it indicated that there were 11,140 households and a total of 6, 053 families and a population density of 1,746.3 per square mile.

The total population consists of mixed races; the highest being European American or White who are 77.1{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} of the total population. They are as follows: African Americans at 16.5{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800}, Native Americans at 0.3{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800}, Asians at 1.4{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800}, and Pacific Islanders at 0.02{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800}. The other races make up 2.9{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} of the total population.

The age distribution of Frankfort City is as follows;

  • From 25 to 44 is 26.6{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} of total population.
  • From 45 to 64 is 25.5{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} of total population.
  • More than 65 years is 14.0{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} of total population.
  • Less than 18 years is 13.1{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} of total population.

The city has a number of historic sites and park and recreation places. The notable one is the Walk/Bike Frankfort. Others include Josephine Sculpture Park which provide arts education and creative experiences to the community, the Folkbike Re-Cyclery which is a voluntary organization whose purpose is to restore and repair used bicycles then give them to riders who are not able to afford one and finally the East Frankfort Park Disc Golf Course.


The general climate is Humid Subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. We can characterize this type of climate by cool winter with little snowfall, mild and relatively warm spring and fall with thunderstorm activity and ample precipitation. The summer season is characterized by hot and humid conditions.


The city is home to a historical black university we know it as Kentucky State University near the downtown area. Moreover, the schools comprises of Frankfort Independent Schools an example is Frankfort High School, Franklin County Public Schools which covers rest of the county; examples are Franklin County High School and Western Hills High School and finally a private high school; Frankfort Christian Academy.

City is also home to notable people in the United States and the world. The seventh Governor of Illinois, Thomas Carlin comes from this city. We also have Will Chase who is an actor and singer. We know him famously for Broadway musicals and ABC TV series.