Lexington Roof Repair

Why Lexington Roof Repair is Necessary?

Roof and its importance

The normal homeowners don’t think about their rooftop until and unless there’s an issue, however frequently keeping up the well being of the rooftop can spare you thousands over ignoring it and responding to the issue after it happens. So it’s much better to pay attention to your roof as this will not only save your money but will also ensure a tension free life. We at Lexington Roof Repair have all the solutions for your problems arising due to a weak or leaky roof. Because an unattended roof will bring serious troubles.

Why roof maintenance is important

  1. Roof is what protects you from all sorts of weather and discomforts.
  2. Without a maintained roof you will not be safe.
  3. Roof increases the value of your home.
  4. Unhealthy and weak roof are capable of posing great threat.
  5. It saves your money if proper ventilation is cared of by reducing the costs of heating and cooling.

Owners underestimate roof’s importance

A rooftop is one of minimal thought of parts of a home yet it stands out amongst the most essential in reality. And who better to realize its importance than us. We provide all round solutions to maintain your roof health. And in the process we keep you content and satisfied.

How to recognize the signs of roof damage

The roof gives various signs when it is not in its prime health. It is up to you to pick to them. Primary sign is leaks which must not be neglected at all. Leaks that are not paid attention to can eventually rust steel roof decks, effect wood decks, and turn light weight insulating concrete and gypsum decks into a thick paste like material. Also, excessive stagnant water may lead to substantial additional weight, which can cause greater stress on the roof deck.

Bubbles can sometimes indicate trapped moisture under the roof cover, which may lead to leaks, reducing the life of the cover, speed up the aging process of the deck, and lower the roof cover system’s effectiveness to withstand uplift forces related to a windstorm. A roof cut or moisture survey of the roof will provide assistance in the diagnosis. We provide moisture survey to ensure that there is no point left out.

When roof begs for repair

  1. Blown off or missing shingles
  2. Bad or leaking pipe flashing
  3. Chimney/Skylight step flashing
  4. Blocked Valleys
  5. Ice dams (They form when melted snow refreezes in the drains.)
  6. Low slope/Inadequate roof pitch

Why choose us?

We are capable of taking care of any roofing service you may need. From the tiniest to the most colossal problem. We get all of that covered. Don’t hire just any random roof repairing company when you are already putting in your hard earned money. And more importantly, your roof is of paramount importance for your safety. So handing it over to just anyone does not seem to be a good bet. We, at Lexington Roof Repair do not speak for ourselves. Instead we let our experience and fully contented customers do that. We have a long history of roof repairs and are very well versed with maintaining something this important to you.