Lexington Re-Roof

Lexington Re-Roof with Solar Panels

In an earlier article, we discussed how using solar panels would benefit you, the customer and the environment. We are going to go a little further into it as we think it would benefit. If you’re unsure or have never seen solar panels, we will go into the pros and cons of having them.

1.     Cost

Reroofing a roof to add solar panels is not as costly as you thought it would be. More than likely, roofing contractors will add these into a bundled cost and try to stay within your budget. This allows you and the contractor makes sure everything is reliable and ready to go.

2.     Space

Do you have enough space for solar panels? The usage you need is all dependent upon being able to use as much solar power as possible. You typically need 15 – 18 solar panels to make sure you offset your electricity bill.

3.     How old is your roof?

When was the last time it was replaced (or at all)? Frequently, we ask if they have had their home reroofed or a new roof built in the last 15 to 25 years. In Lexington, a roof more than 15 years old gets a makeover before installing any solar panels. We offer a free assessment on whether or not you need a new roof in order to proceed.

4.     Durability

One of the most important things to consider is how long do the solar panels last and its durability. Roofs get the most damage during any big storm, along with animals potentially creating a hazard.

5.     Time frame

We review and add in the costs to make sure uninstalling current solar panels and reinstalling them is cost effective. We do not want to create more of a cost to you in order to make a quick buck.

Adding solar panels to your home is always going to be an upfront expense. However, you have to keep in mind that you will always get a payback on your investment. Make sure you review the cost while considering it as cost changes year to year for solar panels. The season is important.

If you decide to use solar panels, the government provides subsidies as well as an investment tax credit for a write off. This made a huge difference time wise on when to do the installation. Your solar panels could also freeze in the winter. Because of the snow, cold showers, and hazardous weather may play a factor. Many newer solar systems use antifreeze to get around this, however, some solar panels use water exclusively to keep warm. Be wary of contractors who say that you must buy the most expensive system. If you’re in a warm climate and often times there is not winter weather, then we would advise you to use the water based solar system.

It’s critical to make sure you do not go unprepared when getting solar panels installed. Throughout the country we see this happen every day. When choosing your next Lexington Re-Roof, consider us as a one-stop-shop. We want you to avoid pitfalls.