Roofing Service in Lexington

Roofing Service in Lexington

Getting roofing service in Lexington is a long process for home owners as well as commercial building owners. Roofing services range from roof installation to roof repairs and roof restoration as well. Therefore, you will require a qualified roof contractor to get these services and makes sure you spend fewer amounts. That roofing contractor to perform these services is obviously a Shield Roofing and Restoration.

Shield Roofing and Restoration is roofing contractor company located in Lexington, Kentucky who offers quality roofing services. Their great reputation over the years proves them the best roofing company. Hence, many people in Lexington trust it to offer services for residential roofing as well as commercial building roofing. You can book your roofing services by calling them through their 24 hour number (859)279-0520. Or access more information through


What makes Shield Roofing and Restoration stand out against all other roofing contractors is obviously their top notch services. The services include;

  • Roof Repairs

Roof repairing is one of the most essential services at Shield Roofing and Restoration. This is because if your roof gets a poor repair it will require you to spend more or even full roof replacement. You need Roof repairs after storms, strong winds, hail or any disastrous incident. Therefore, their experts inspect all aspects before starting the job to make sure the roof does not require a full roof replacement. Their experts carry out the roof repair; leave your roof with an extra protection that is as good as a new roof.

  • Residential Roofing

Everyone knows that a well-roofed home showcases the great style in your home and also comfort and safety to your family. At Shield Roofing they make sure that your home gets a quality roof. A quality roof protects your home from damage by hail or wind which can leads to leaking if we don’t pay proper attention in timely manners. Roof leaks are dangerous as they can lead to electrical fires and structural damages as well. Therefore, for your safety at home access the quality residential roofing service and get a peace of mind for you and your family.

  • Insurance claims

You are now able to file an insurance claim on your damaged roof. They offer an important service to you as you will get maximum amount for roof replacement. Their experts look into your claim as well as make sure they cover you completely.

  • Commercial Roofing Service in Lexington

They are the best commercial roofing contractor in Lexington. No matter how big the roofing service at your commercial building is, their experts will do the job in minimal time to avoid interference to your business. Getting your gutters replacement is an often service as storms or hail damage them the most. Their professionals are well equipped with the latest techniques and information related to gutters and will help to repair and replace your gutters in minimal time. Siding repairs is a very important aspect to maintaining a roof’s beauty. When siding repairs is not well, it will hurt your home’s value. At Shield Roofing and Restoration, they will do this with siding repairs. They make sure it maintains the anesthetic beauty of your home.