Roofing Contractor in Lexington

Roofing Contractor in Lexington

There are a number of roofing contractor in Lexington. And yes all of them can do the job well. That is not that important as you can do the job. But get poor results at the end making you spend even more. Therefore, Shield Roofing and Restoration located in Lexington, Kentucky is a roofing contractor company that offers very reliable and quality roofing services.

They are A+ and high rate roofing contractor in Lexington. Their reputation over the years makes them to be a trustworthy roofing contractor in Lexington. Also, you can get their services through their 24 hour number (859)279-0520.

What makes Shield Roofing and Restoration the very best Roofing Contractor in Lexington

Roof Inspection

At Shield Roofing they offer free roof inspection for any customers. Shied Roofing is a unique service.

Regular roof inspection

Not only do they offer free roof inspections but also offer regular roof checkups. Their experience and qualified roof experts will easily spot early signs of damaged walls due to water leaks. This saves you money as you will be able to tackle the problem before it grows to out of control levels.

Free Cost Estimates and Quotes

Shield Roofing and Restoration provide a detailed report on all the necessary repairs. It provides a clear break down the both labor and materials cost. We gather it at the end after our roof experts carry out an indoor and outdoor inspection.

Emergency Roof Repairs

The 24 hour service number is at your service for emergencies. The roofing contractor company knows that it is hard to predict the harsh weather. So they have the emergency roof repair service to sort out any time harsh weather condition strikes at your home or commercial building.

Certified Roofing contractor

Shield Roofing and Restoration are A+ rated and fully licensed to offer roofing services. They are licensed as installers for brands like Decra, IKO, Ecostar, CertainTeed as well as GAF. Hence, this assures that their clients get exclusive warranties no other roofing contractor company can offer.

Roofing Insurance Claims

Shield Roofing and Restoration is one of the many companies that allow you to file insurance claims. The insurance claim covers you from weather-related damage, repairs and replacement. This service allows you get maximum amount at the end of the service.

Experience and References

Experience in any company is the foundation of building a good reputation. Hence, Shield Roofing and Restoration has decades of experience in all roofing services. To add on that they have 100{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} customer references from satisfied customers. They strive also top enlist experienced roof experts just to add quality on their services. We ensure that we will complete any project in the right way.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying a customer is the main goal at Shield Roofing and Restoration. They services rated at 97.8{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} is as a result of 100{4f3a21b399f28d2c412ab1456a9ab96bde20313b1a80e414ca6f51267f85f800} customer satisfaction they offer. Their free consultation team makes sure that they offer exactly what you need for your roofing needs. Their 24 hour service at the end gives you a peace of mind as they are only a call away.