Roofers in Lexington

Top Reasons Why We Are Your Number One Choice

So you’re looking for Roofers in Lexington but haven’t been able to find the one you like yet. There are a few things you want to look over before picking one and obviously they are all careening for your attention and you don’t know who to choose. Our words of wisdom to you are “Find a good contractor and develop a relationship with them.” In order words, that means us. We develop and refine and perfect the best outcomes for you. We are transparent in everything we do and want to be able to check up on you in 20 years and for you to say, “We don’t need another roof for a long time!”

Why choose us as a Top Choice Roofers in Lexington?

Here are a few things we believe qualifies us as the top choice:

  1. Google search us. We want to be able to show you both the good and the bad – this way you can see all the great testimonials from customers who are just like you.
  2. Talk to some of your friends who you know had us as a Roofers in Lexington. They will be able to tell you if they had a great experience with us!
  3. We always show we are licensed to work in Lexington. We keep permits and other documentation on hand in order to let you know we keep your safety in our minds.
  4. Along with number 3, we are insured for Workman’s Compensation and have a Certificate of Liability in the case of injury to either you or an employee.
  5. Let us know what your budget range is. We are one of the few companies who work within your budget to get what needs to be done, done.
  6. We allow two types of payments – installments or full price. Installments allow you to budget more with your money. Full price means the same, however in a lump sum. We want you to be comfortable and confident we will do the job, either way you’re paying.
  7. We provide a full list of breakdowns for how much each item and process will cost. Again, this aids to our transparency.
  8. We try to buy all the products unless you specifically want to do so. Hence, Let us know and we can recommend some if you need it.
  9. We review the contract together in full to make sure you understand all of our guarantees. We do not want any surprises and we assume you do not either.
  10. Our Expert Adviser ensures we stay on track. They will be your point of contact as well helping with any questions you may have.

Why We are Best?

In Lexington, we are by far the top roofers for the job. We embrace customer satisfaction and enjoy when we see you’re happy. Overall, we want you to choose us and by communicating your budget, we will work with you on pricing. If you would like more information or a quote, please call us at 859-279-0520 or email us at We would love to hear from you!