What To Look For When Checking For Hail Damage

Hail damage, beyond the obvious is difficult to spot, especially if you aren’t sure what to look for. Hail can cause serious damage to your home and property. Here is a checklist for things to look for when inspecting for hail damage.

Dented Gutters & Downspouts

Look for dents and dings on gutters and downspouts. If a hailstorm has struck your area, hail stone impacts will often show up in small dents and dimples in metal gutters and downspouts.

Mailbox Damage

A dented or cracked mailbox may indicate a recent hail storm came through the area. Look for cracks or holes in plastic mailboxes or dents in metal mailboxes.

Hail Splatter Marks on Driveway

Hailstone impacts may remove dirt, grime, algae from driveway surfaces, indicating size and direction of hail fall. Look for splatter marks on your driveway that are lighter than surrounding areas on driveways or sidewalks.

Damaged Siding

Check your home’s siding for splatter marks, dents, cracks, paint chips or holes. In heavy hail storms, this damage will be obvious. But smaller hailstones can also cause damage that may point to hail damage on your roof. PRO TIP: Soak aluminum siding with water from a hose before photographing to make damage more apparent.

Damaged Windowsills/Casings

Check windowsills and casing for small cracks, dents and dings. Check caulking for tears or signs of impact. Also check window glass for small cracks.

Torn Window/Door Screens

Hail sometimes causes tears or holes in metal and fiberglass window screen mesh.

Broken or Cracked Glass (Windows/Doors)

Look for any impact marks, cracked or broken glass on doors and windows.

Door Dents or Paint Damage

Inspect metal doors for dings or dents, or look for chipped paint or stain on wood doors.

Shredded Plants/Flowers

Look for hail damaged flower beds, bushes whose leaves have been stripped or beaten down by a heavy hail storm.

Algae or Moss Growth on Shingles

May indicate shingle damage that holds and harbors moisture. Also indicates older shingles that may have sustained hail damage from older storms.

Hail Damaged Cars in Neighborhood

If cars in your neighborhood sustained hail damage, it’s likely that neighborhood roofs have been damaged as well.