Can you replace a roof in the rain?

Install a roof in the rain

Not without risk!

While some roofing projects can be completed in as little as a day, the average home re-roof with take several days. It is best to wait until conditions are clear, and your roof is dry, to make any repairs and installations. A slick roof can put workers at risk, and increases the likelihood for injuries and damage to your home.

This is also an important note for homeowners considering DIY roof repairs. Professional contractors will recommend waiting until conditions are clear before exploring a rooftop, even if just surveying the scene.

Some main areas for concern are:

  • Shingles may not properly adhere to wet surfaces
  • Barriers, OSB boards, and felt— are also sensitive to water damage and should not be exposed to moisture
  • Installing a roof in the rain may void your warranty from the manufacturer for the materials

If its an emergency, only used an experienced roofing contractor!  Call Peterson Roofing today