9 Signs It Is Time For New Gutters

Gutters are sturdy, but like other parts of your home will need repaired or replaced. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, galvanized steel or aluminum gutters will last about twenty years and copper gutters will last fifty years. 

Damage occurs from aging, storms, trees, etc. and you might have to replace your gutters sooner than expected. If you purchased your home and do not know when your gutters were installed, how will you know when to replace them?

Here are nine signs it is time to replace your gutters:

1. Cracks, holes, or rust

Sometimes these can be fixed with sealant or flashing. If there are multiple holes or large patches of rust, you might want to look into new gutters.

2. Broken fasteners

Fasteners are pieces of metal that hold your gutter to the roof to keep the gutters level. if there is minor damage to fasteners, you can repair those yourself. If fasteners keep breaking or loosening, the gutters might be the culprit.

3. Falling nails or screws

Nails and screws can loosen on their own and fall. Replacing them is easy, but repeated issues could mean your gutters are worn down.

4. Separated and pulling away from the roof

Gutter systems only work if they are fastened together. Separating and/or pulling away from the roof means the fascia boards might be rotting. This requires both new gutters and a new fascia.

5. Sagging or pitching

Improper pitching can cause water pooling that can spill over. If this problem persists, gutters are not functioning and need checked or possibly replaced.

6. Exterior paint peeling

As gutters pull away from your roof, water can seep into siding or trim. If the paint is peeling near your gutters, this indicates that gutters are pulling away or have a hole.

7. Pooling water and dirt channels

After rain, if water is spilling over your gutters it is time to replace.

8. Eroding landscapes

If your landscaping and yard is consistently eroding, your gutters might be the cause. When water cannot flush away from your house, it will end up eroding your landscape. If you are tired of constantly fixing your landscape, check your gutters.

9. Flooded basements

Water pouring over your foundation can leak into your basement and flood. This causes costly damage that can also lead to mold and mildew.