Nicholasville, Kentucky

Nicholasville, Kentucky is a town that has the best of both worlds. Residents enjoy the down-home feel of urban living while they enjoy all the amenities that metropolitan life has to offer.

With a population of about 28,015, Nicholasville is the county seat of Jessamine County. The town sits in the center of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Area, just outside of the larger town of Lexington which is the second largest city in Kentucky. Nicholasville ranks eleventh in size in the state. It is comprised of 13.08 square miles of land.

Nicholasville is a nice, laid back residential area. It is heralded as the seventh fastest growing town in the entire nation. Between 1970 and 2010 alone, it increased in size by 380%. It’s enticing shopping centers and nearby employment opportunities in Lexington are some of the many attractions that account for the growth. Nicholasville has a good amount of employment opportunities within its own borders as well.

The city is run by a non-partisan city commission government style. This includes a mayor who is elected by the citizens and four commissioners as well. The candidates must gain the electorate majority support in order to be in office. Among the duties of the four commissioners are legislative, executive and administrative-based job descriptions. The meetings are held two times each month.

The town is undergoing some interesting and exciting changes currently. The downtown area is coming alive with new businesses along Main Street and nearby areas. Older businesses in the area are beginning to bustle again as well.

Nicholasville takes a lot of interest in the arts. The city’s art walks and seasonal events are becoming better than ever. One of the most popular type of events is the re-enactments of the Civil War days.

Nicholasville had the first commercial vineyard in the whole country, the Chrisman Vineyard. N celebration, the Kentucky Wine and Vine Fest is held each year on the second Saturday in May. Commercial wine vineyards attend as well as amateur winemakers from around the area. .

The Hope Over Jessamine County is a fair that is new to the city. It is held annually in September. Non-profit organization and businesses unite together for a day of fun and festivities for the community. Attractions include a petting zoo, craft vendors, pony rides, inflatables, food and entertainment and local artisans who all come together for the free event.

Agritourism is hot in Nicholasville. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy around the area too like boating, fishing, horseback riding and hiking. Camping is plentiful too. The rolling bluegrass hills attract sightseers from near and far.

There are seventeen parks in town. Golf, Frisbee golf, hiking trails and water amusement facilities can be found abundantly within them. The city-county park has an unleashed dog park. The youth enjoy many varieties of organized sports and there is a softball league the adults can join.

Being in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Area and just minutes away from Lexington, there are ample equine-themed activities to be enjoyed. There are museums and interactive horse parks that are quite popular.

Lake Mingo is an artificial pond that is in Nicholasville. It has adopted that named in honor of the Mingo people, Native Americans who lived there decades ago. There is also a stream that runs underneath downtown called Town Fork. It flows southward, eventually emptying into Jessamine Creek.

Nicholasville has a celebrated rich history. It was founded in 1798 and was incorporated in 1837. The town was named for Colonel George Nicholas who was a founding father of the Kentucky Constitution.

Since the town is encircled by Kentucky’s enchanting horse country, it has a keen interest in equine. The bluegrass that is so abundant makes it an ideal place to raise horses. The limestone terrain and mild weather is perfect for racing and breeding them too.

Nicholasville is located in the humid subtropical climate zone. It has humid and hot summers and cool to cold winters. It is known for the plateau breezes that flow through the town. During the autumn months, the weather is especially pleasant. The town does get snow but not so much it is considered harsh.

The downtown area of Nicholasville is about 6 miles to the south of Fayette County. It provides service between Lexington and also other neighboring counties, like Garrard County. The growth of the town and the fact that it does provide commuting has created traffic issues. Those issues are currently being addressed and remedied however.

Nicholasville takes pride in having a leisurely pace of life coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The community members also love the power of creative thinking. State fundswere recently approved to extend the city’s culture and art. Musical heritage is also appreciated in the town too.

For those who want the conveniences of a metropolitan town but wish to enjoy a rural, small feel, Nicholasville makes an awesome place to call home.

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