Many storm repairs are covered by homeowners insurance or corporate insurance. Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging for those who are not accustomed to filing the paperwork and the back-and-forth that’s generally required. We bring years of experience in the field that makes the claims process easy, too. We’ll make sure we leave no stone unturned. You will get every cent coming to you and peace of mind that the process will go smoothly. In fact, we’ll even file your claim for you.


At Peterson Roofing, we are a “one-stop shop”. The fact that we offer services for all phases of storm damage means that we can bill everything all at one time. That makes the process convenient for both you and your insurance company. You’ll also like the fact that it usually expedites your check, too.

We will never ask you to pay a deposit up front. We patiently wait until you have received your insurance company’s check. Final payment for our services is not billed until both you and your insurance are completely satisfied with the work.


Homeowners purchase insurance with the intent of protecting their home in the event that something goes awry.  Sometimes, though, things happen to your home that are not covered.  That’s what is called a “double whammy”.   Mother Nature’s storms are often on the questionable list.  If your home has been hit by a storm, will your damages be covered?  Let’s take a look…


Homeowners insurance is notorious for NOT covering flood damage.  If a river backs up into your house, that is only covered by flood insurance.  In other cases, water damage is covered.  Where does the fine line lay with flood coverage if your roof leaks a ton of water into your home?  You definitely need an insurance agent to help you walk through the mirk and mire.


So your pipes froze and burst, leaving the inside of your home under water.  Or, your roof suffered damage from ice and snow and now, it is melting and leaking in.  Here is another area that can be gray.  A seasoned professional, like the ones at Peterson Roofing Restoration & Roofing can guide you, step-by-step, in figuring out what your policy does and does not cover.


Wind damage is generally covered in a policy.  There are extenuating circumstances though and limitations as well.  Knowing the facts and knowing insurance is to your benefit.  Professionals, like us, can help you figure it all out to the best of your advantage.


When the wind rips your roof off, will your insurance pick up the tab?  Generally, wind is covered and any issue, like flooding, that follows.  Hail damage is usually covered as well.  The key word is “usually”.  There are many things that can be lurking within the fine lines of print on your policy.


There are four main steps to filing an insurance claim for damage to your home.  They are as follows:

      1. Assessing the damage that was incurred by the storm. This may sound like an easy task but not all damage can be detected by the naked eye.  You will need an expert in the field to check for underlying damage.  If you don’t, you may not catch something and by the time you discover the problem, it may very well be too late to claim it.
      2. Contact a reputable storm repair company to obtain a proposal. Your insurance may require more than one.  Many require three.
      3. Go over your entire insurance policy with a fine tooth comb. A professional can help you do this so you don’t misunderstand or overlook important things.  Contacting your claims department is part of this step as well.
      4. Finally, you will need to request that an insurance adjuster do an inspection on your home. This will require scheduling it.

Those four steps are the initial ones that must be taken to get the work underway.  You will be required to file a claim.  Then, there will be an inspection after the work is completed. 

We work with insurance companies all the time.  We are familiar with their requirements and are pros and coordinating with their scheduling.  We bend over backwards to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that we not only meet all of your needs but the needs of your insurance company as well.  That’s what we call “good service”.

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A tree has fallen over and damaged your roof…and your siding…plus, it broke a window (or two).  Will your insurance cover it? 

Of course, coverage depends upon what insurance company you use and what policy you have.  Past that, the reason for the damage is often the answer to the question.  While most insurances will cover a tree that fell during a wind storm, some might not do the same if it fell for another reason.  It’s imperative to know about all about insurance policies and what the fine print entails.  You need an expert who is on your side.  And, you need the expert BEFORE you file, one who can assess the damage and the reason behind it. 

Take, for instance, mold in your closet.  Where did the moisture come from that caused the mold to grow in the first place?  Perhaps you have a damaged roof and don’t even know it.  That might make all the difference in the world when it comes to filing your claim and also for getting to the root of the problem, your roof. 


At Peterson Roofing Restoration & Roofing, we have been working with insurance companies since 1984.  We are very familiar with insurance lingo and fine print behind it.  We are well-respected by the insurance companies we deal with, and rightly so.  We are certified with the Kentucky Roofing Contractors Association and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We are local to the Lexington and Central Kentucky area and have many references.  We’ve successfully worked through hundreds of insurance claims.  We know exactly what to do…and not do.

Our staff is devoted to serving you.  We will work with your insurance company and you.  Never will we ask for a deposit on our work until you have your insurance check meaning you won’t incur out-of-pocket expense upfront.  We will also make sure that everything that should be covered does get covered.

 And…we will even file your claim for you. 


    If you have storm damage, you will need someone who is professional and experienced to guide you through the insurance process.  You will need an assessment, a quote and advice along the way.  We are a “one-stop shop” so we make it easy to get through what could otherwise be a big headache to deal with.  We do a wide array of jobs such as roofing, siding, windows, insulation, interior work and gutters.  You can file one claim and get one check.  How easy is that?

    Our courteous office staff and hardworking, skilled, professional construction team are ready to help.  Call today for a free inspection.  Our quotes are free as well.


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